Peace Building and Conflict Prevention

Peace Building and Conflict Prevention

Today 60 million people are displaced by armed conflict or persecution.

Disease Prevention and Treatment

Disease Prevention and Treatment

More than 100 million people are pushed into poverty each year because of medical costs.

Water Sanitation, and Hygiene

Water Sanitation, and Hygiene

More than 2.5 billion people lack access to adequate sanitation facilities.

Maternal and Child Health

Maternal and Child Health

At least 7 million children under the age of five die each year due to malnutrition, poor health care, and inadequate sanitation.

Basic Education and Literacy

Basic Education and Literacy

67 million children worldwide have no access to education and more than 775 million people over the age 15 are illiterate.

Community Economic Development

Community Economic Development

Nearly 1.4 billion employed people live on less than $1.25 a day.

Support the Environment

We are committed to supporting activities that strengthen the conservation and protection of natural resources, advance ecological sustainability, and foster harmony between communities and the environment. We empower communities to access grants and other resources, embrace local solutions, and spur innovation in an effort to address the causes and reduce the effects of climate change and environmental degradation.

Refurbishing of 12 Room Toilet Facilities at Ireti grammar school

Refurbishing of 12 Room toilet facilities at Ireti grammar school, Ikoyi by RC Ikoyi Metro

Selfless Service

Our aim and objectives is to provides and support communities with basic needs of life likewise rendering a helping hands towards a cause or project.

Hope Creators

Board Members 2023-2024


Rtn. Gbolahon Adeyinka



Rtn. Funmi Famakinwa

Vice President


Rtn. Funmi Obamoyejo

Club Secretary

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Rtn. Jacob Akeodi



Rtn. Gbenga Awokoya

Club Admin


Rtn. Funmi Famakinwa



Rtn. Achime Arinze

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PP. Moses Omuetha

Rotary Foundation


PP. Delight Sunday-Anicho

History / Archives

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Rtn. Emeka Nwosu

Youth Service

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Rtn. Fred Ola

Sergeant at Arm (SAA)

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Rtn. Adejoke Sanusi

Club Greeter

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Rtn. Agatha Adesigbin

Family of Rotary

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Rtn. Funmi Imosemi

Chair, Service Projects

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Rtn. Delight Sunday-Anicho

Immediate Past President

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AG. Idowu Akinlade

Club Trainer


CP Michael Ileka

Chair Council of Past President

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